When Tubes arent the answer..

When Tubes aren’t the answer…..

Chiropractic for ear aches? Who would have thought?

If you are the parent of one of the 40% of the children suffering from recurrent ear aches, it may come as no surprise that chiropractic can be a valuable resource in dealing with this issue. A new study published in the Journal of Maternal and Family Health discusses the positive results in the resolution of repeated ear infections following a failed tympanostomy surgery of a 4 year old male.

He was scheduled for a repeat tympanostomy due to the failure of the first surgery to resolve the complaints, but his parents instead took him to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor, using a gentle hand held tool adjusted vertebral subluxations located in the neck and mid back. The parent was so happy with the results that they cancelled the second surgery after 3 chiropractic visits! The child was adjusted 2-3/week for two weeks, and then once a week for about 8 weeks, for a duration of about 12 weeks.

While no chiropractor will claim that chiropractic care is a cure for ear aches, many research papers and case studies show that when the patient has nerve interference it can be effectively improved when the nerve impairment is corrected; there are nerve connections to every tissue, organ and cell in the body, so improved nerve function results in the safe resolution of many health issues.

Direct and indirect cost of ear aches in one year: $3 billion dollars. Can you think of better uses for our health care dollars? Share this with your friends with little ones!


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