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Annette Zivkovic
Dr. Robert Zivkovic
Your Fleming Island Chiropractor

Jackie Ann Conklin reviewed Zivkovic Chiropractic Center —

Great staff! Great doctors! Everyone genuinely cares about your overall health.

Chris Harris reviewed Zivkovic Chiropractic Center —

Anyone looking for great chiropractic care should definitely check it out!

Chuck Lewis reviewed Zivkovic Chiropractic Center —

I was told about Dr. Zivkovic by a friend. So glad I took advice and started going. Has helped me more than I ever thought. Great staff too.

Melanie Myers reviewed Zivkovic Chiropractic Center —

I have been a patient for 5 years. I love Dr. Annette's adjustments! She is great with kids too. Very gentle, when I was hurting so badly from the herniated disc. I highly recommend Zivkovic Chiropractic!

Thu Owais

Rocking adjustments. Love Drs. Bob and Annette. 

My chiropractic story and why I am passionate about what I do. 

After battling horrible headaches for over 4 years and seeing doctors and having tests with no results other than more medication and testing. After undergoing MRI, CT scan and a MRA, I was at a loss. I began working for Zivkovic Chiropractic Center October 4, 2000 knowing nothing about chiropractic and 2 days later my neurologist called and said “It looks like you have a brain aneurysm and we need to do a procedure to check”. At 21 I was shocked and devastated.  Dr Zivkovic said to have the testing done but he thought it was coming from my neck and we would deal with that after the procedure. October 27, 2000 I had the procedure and sure enough, it was the way the vessel looped around it looked like an aneurysm but it was verified all is normal. After being cleared, I began getting adjusted and soon the headaches were few and far between. Something I suffered with everyday from about 10 a.m. through the night for years, were almost completely gone! Today I do not get headaches and remain under maintenance care for health. I remember how miserable I was, the horrible medications I was on that made me a zombie and decreased my everyday life. My passion is to help as many people as I can receive the benefits of chiropractic care to enhance their health and life. 

Vicki Kissinger- Dotson


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  • "I was told about Dr. Zivkovic by a friend. So glad I took advice and started going. Has helped me more than I ever thought. Great staff too."
    Chuck Lewis